Ep 14: The powerful question that changed Yao’s life

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In this podcast episode, I share the success story of Yao Yao, a successful entrepreneur, software developer, and influencer. 

In November 2021, Yao faced a difficult decision; she didn’t want to continue with her well-established digital marketing company, but the bills were piling up, and she had to give up a social account with 750,000 followers. 

She had two options: continue with a job she didn’t enjoy or start over from scratch. 

Yao felt stuck and overwhelmed until she met me, who helped her change her mindset. 

I asked her one powerful question. Yao found the question transformative, and with my guidance, she constructed her own insight and came up with powerful answers. 

After the coaching call, Yao took massive action and started a brand-new business from scratch. 

This podcast episode highlights the power of mindset shifts and how solopreneurs can use coaching to remove obstacles in their businesses and personal lives.

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