Ep 7: Think inside the box

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Today I want to talk to you about thinking inside the box. Or, to put it differently, to constrain yourself. 

In this week’s podcast episode, I share three examples from my life to inspire you to keep your business simple. First, we will go to lunch together, then decorate our homes, and finally watch a cartoon. 

All will become clear when you listen to the podcast.

And then, I share the three big advantages of you intentionally limiting your options because you can work much more effectively and quickly when you don’t spread yourself too thin and try to be everywhere.

While building a new online business as a solopreneur, you’ll often find yourself doing really unhelpful things.

Getting in your own way.

Sabotaging your progress.

For instance, spending hours on social media instead of creating your own content.

Not working in your business for weeks. 

And then work yourself to death.

In my free “Solopreneur’s Survival Guide,” you’ll discover:


·        Why you end up in this destructive cycle

·        And, more important, how you get out of it as soon as you can


Coz you want to build your business faster, right?

Go to my website, risa4coaching.com, and find that free guide there.

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