How to get a relationship with your mother that's heavy on love and peace and light on guilt and resentment.

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Discover why detaching emotionally from your mother will increase the connection you have with her

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“Risa, in her very compassionate and loving way, taught me how to like my mom and how to have healthy boundaries with her. She exceeded my expectations that I had about healing my relationship with my mom.” – Roanna


“When I first contacted Risa, I was hurt about my mom and I wanted clarity about the relationship. Risa is an impactful, brilliant coach, who pushed me and went deep. It was VERY POWERFUL. I’ve learned so much self-acceptance.” – Michele


“My dysfunctional relationship with my mother was holding me back showing up as the mother I wanted to be with my children. I never thought I could change how I felt about her. Risa led me on a path of self-discovery and forgiveness.” – Clare