Ep 21: Why you should tell yourself better lies

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In this episode, I talked to Jason Wojo and Polish Pete of Lifeonaire about the meaning that we give to things happening to us, the story we tell ourselves.  

I made the shocking statement that you need to tell yourself better lies. Why do I say this? 

Think of a key moment in your life when you were a child. One that shaped the way you see the world and yourself.  

When you interpreted that situation, you were just a little kid. What did you know about life?  

When you start looking from that perspective, you can see it was something you made up anyway. And if you allow yourself to see all your stories as lies anyway, you can create new ones for yourself that will be more empowering.  

In the interview, I demonstrate some tools you can use when you want to revisit some of those moments and rewrite the story you tell yourself about them when I coach Wojo live. 

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