Ep: Welcome to the podcast

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You’re a solopreneur, a trailblazer, creating something new under conditions of extreme uncertainty.  Sometimes your get tempted by the allure of a step-by-step guide, but you have enough smarts and experience to realize there is no such thing as business in a box. You know you have to figure it out yourself but luckily the unknown doesn’t freak you out.

But you also don’t buy the “just-do-it” school of thought. Chaos? Not the answer. You want to test, experiment and also learn from other entrepreneurs as early and as often as possible. If this is you, you found the perfect podcast. 

I’m Risa Haasbroek, your host, certified Life Coach and Thinking Partner for Driven Solopreneurs. I’m here to provide you with insights, inspiration and ideas to build a booming business by cutting through the clutter. Let’s go.

Yes, I want to feel better immediately