Ep 23: Rest better. Succeed faster.

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In the episode, I introduce the concept of three different types of rest: grounding rest, relaxing rest, and energizing rest. 

I share personal stories, like my childhood experience of showering outdoors in South Africa, to illustrate the power of grounding rest. I explain how grounding rest helps us feel more connected to our bodies and environment and provides accessible examples like walking barefoot on grass, doing gentle yoga, or spending time in nature. 

Moving on to energizing rest, I recount my experiment with cold showers and their surprising effects on my energy levels. I reveal how engaging in activities that increase physical and mental energy, such as intense workouts or adrenaline-pumping hobbies, can help combat exhaustion and lack of motivation. 

I cite examples from successful figures like Richard Branson and Elon Musk, who incorporate energizing rest into their routines to stay motivated and overcome challenges.

Finally, I dive into relaxing rest and its significance in combating mental and emotional exhaustion. I share how Winston Churchill turned to painting and napping during World War II to cope with stress. 

I suggest various activities for relaxing rest, such as warm baths, mindfulness, and spending quality time with loved ones. I explain the signs and symptoms that indicate the need for relaxing rest and emphasize the importance of taking breaks to promote well-being. 

Throughout the episode, I remind my listeners to pay attention to their thoughts and emotions as they shape their actions and ultimately create their desired results. By being intentional about rest and incorporating all three types into their lives, entrepreneurs can experience less stress and more fulfillment.



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