Ep 29: This is how you deal with online bullies

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Join me in this engaging episode as I delve into the intriguing realm of dealing with online bullies and mastering the art of handling criticism with finesse.

In a recent live Audio Event on LinkedIn, your Dragon Whisperer shared invaluable insights on how to navigate the tricky waters of online criticism. The event gained popularity, leading to numerous requests for a replay. As a result, I’ve decided to bring this enlightening event to you in podcast form.

From personal anecdotes to empowering techniques, you’ll discover how to transform hurtful criticism into an opportunity for growth. The episode begins by setting the scene, recounting personal experiences of online criticism, and establishing the difference between constructive feedback and negative attacks. 

Drawing inspiration from Eleanor Roosevelt’s timeless wisdom, your host explains the psychology behind dealing with criticism. You’ll learn how to shift your perspective, take control of your own narrative, and empower yourself against the impact of negative words.

But the real gem of this episode lies in a counterintuitive approach: agreeing with your critics. Through real-life examples and insightful explanations, you’ll understand how responding with agreement can be a powerful tool for diffusing negativity and regaining control over your emotions.

Tune in and master dealing with online criticism effectively. You’ll gain practical strategies and a new perspective on handling online bullies, leaving you equipped with the confidence to stand tall and own your narrative.

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