Ep 17: The secret to networking? Just say hi

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In this episode, I interview Kenneth Nel, “The Alternative,” about his unique LinkedIn networking approach. 

Kenneth shares his personal story of how he went from being a salesman who hated cold calling to an entrepreneur who has found success through conversation-based networking on LinkedIn.  

Emphasizing the importance of having conversations with people rather than just trying to pitch your services to them, Kenneth breaks down his take on networking. 

 Expect to hear practical advice on how to engage with potential clients in a way that feels natural and authentic, such as leaving comments on their posts and asking questions. 

Is it enough to just be consistent? No, warns Kenneth.

 You have to think about the metrics you should be tracking on LinkedIn. Once more, it’s important to focus on building relationships rather than just getting likes and followers. 

Give it a listen. It will change the way you create clients.

 Connect with Kenneth on LinkedIn here.

Remember to DM him the word “Risa” if you want that 90-second review of your profile.


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