The best thing you can do for others? Love yourself!

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Too often Christian women tell themselves it’s selfish to work on loving and accepting themselves more. They’ll say, “I should just:

  • get over myself already
  • pray more
  • try harder
  • focus on others”

Then their broken relationship with their mother never gets attention, but it drags them down, wasting precious emotional and mental energy.

Let me share with you two reasons why it’s actually VERY, VERY UNSELFISH to work on yourself.

No, it won’t make you self-absorbed

One of the fears women have is getting into something like life coaching will make them self-absorbed.

Not true.

Imagine a dear friend you truly love.

You don’t see her every day, but when you get together it’s as if you’ve never been apart.

She’s low-maintenance and never makes you feel guilty about a thing.

When you think of her you’re filled with love.

It’s such a joy to spend time with her.

This is exactly the relationship you want with yourself.

You want to learn to love yourself so deeply you forget about yourself most of the time.

In that way you can focus on life, your work and your service to others.

When you like and accept yourself, you become a magnet to your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors.

Because you’re so comfortable in your own skin, so at ease with yourself, others sense they can just relax in your presence. Then they trust you for advice. They’ll also follow you as an example.

So, don’t tell me it’s selfish to work on your self-acceptance. You’re doing everyone a favor.

Accepting yourself won’t let you sit back in indulgent self-satisfaction

Perhaps you have a friend who is a yo-yo dieter. Every January she promises herself she’s going to lose weight this year. Then she puts herself on a crazy diet having only hot water for breakfast, 3 peas for lunch and a celery stick for supper.

And of course, she can’t keep it up and eat a whole tub of ice-cream on the second day. Then she’s disgusted with herself, tells herself how much she hates her body and gets back to the punishing diet.

Up and down she goes. Up and down.

No one can hate herself slim. You know that.

Just like no one can learn to love others by loathing herself.

We always, always take better actions when we feel good about ourselves.

Teaching yourself to rest in God’s infinite love for you, will help you to love others more, not less.

Come coach with me

When you coach with me, self-acceptance is one of the key elements we’ll start with. But the overall goal is always to help you love and serve God and other people better.  

I offer a 6-week-package where we meet once a week for an hour over a video-call. Yes, we’ll start with you learning to like and love yourself more.  But, no, we won’t stop there.

Email me if you want me to be your coach. Then we can set up a free telephone session so that you can decide if we’d be a good fit.

Let’s do this. Let me show you how you can learn to love yourself more, so you can love others even better.

Yes, I want to feel better immediately