If you were a $100 bill …

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This week a friend texted me. She attached a picture of her adorable two-year-old.

I can remember her anguish when she was told that her son had Down’s Syndrome.

They were devastated by the news that the little boy she was carrying has an extra chromosome in all of his cells.

He will have some health-issues because of this.

He will probably lead a life that is very different from his two siblings.

My friend and her husband never considered not having him, but there was a lot of soul-searching and stress before he was born.

In the picture she sent me, he is smiling and happy. She writes how he blesses their lives every day with his joy, his playfulness, his humanness.

Her text made me think about the fact that our worthiness as humans is always untouchable. Non-negotiable.

Do you feel worthy?

Do you believe you are worthy as a human no matter what?

Do you accept your own value as a given?

Do you know that you’re 100% lovable?

Quite often as adult daughters we feel our mother doesn’t love us the way we need to be loved.

Therefore, we struggle to fully accept our own worth.

We tell ourselves that if our mother can’t love us, who can?

Or we convince ourselves we are the only one whose mother doesn’t love us and that proves how unworthy and unlovable we are.

Recently, I came across this analogy to explain how fundamental our value as humans is.

Imagine this ...

Imagine I am holding up a $100 bill. It is crisp and new, with that just-of-the-presses-smell.

“Do you want this?” I ask.

Of course, you say yes.

Then I take that same bill and trample on it.

I crush it into a ball.

I half-heartedly iron out the creases.

Then I even tear the bill in two and clumsily tape it together again.

And I ask you again: “Do you still want this?”

And yes, you would want it.

Because even though the bill is now no longer spotless and fresh, it has retained all of its original value.

It still has 100% of its $100 buying power.

Did you know that even if you cut up a $100 bill into a bunch of pieces, and then you bring it to a bank, apparently they have to take it and give you a new one. It’s value is absolute.

Just a silly simile ....

Comparing humans to money? Really?

Like all metaphors it crumbles at some point.

But nevertheless, it is a useful way to think about your worthiness as a human.

Remember, in spite of all of your scars, wrinkles, quirky habits, character flaws or unwanted chromosomes your intrinsic value is permanent.

Even though someone else, like your mother, doesn’t have the ability to love you as you should be loved, your lovability can never be in question.

When you keep looking for something you already have

My granddad was a little absent-minded at times. In his later years he had to wear reading glasses.

It happened so often that he would take the glasses off his eyes and temporarily store them on the top of his head.

Only to forget they were there.

He wasted a lot of time and energy looking for his reading glasses.

When you keep looking for something you already have, you too are wasting your time and energy.

Don’t tire yourself out by looking and looking for your own worth.

You already have it.

And now I want to ask you …

How are you showing up for yourself considering you’re a priceless, precious person?

Take care of you, adorable human.

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