Deal more constructively with your mother’s criticism


3 surprising techniques that work wonders
  • 2 powerful beliefs that’ll help you stop feeling guilty about your mom forever
  • Why you shouldn’t say you’re sorry when you mess up and what to do instead
  • Doing this one thing when your mother criticizes you changes everything
Intelligent, effective life coaching that honors your Christian worldview
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Risa Haasbroek Certified Life Coach

They tried this new way of interacting with their mothers. This is what happened ...

“I never thought I could change how I felt about my mother. Now I am living with a new appreciation for my mother and myself. I highly recommend Risa’s work.”

– Clare O

“When I contacted Risa, I was hoping to figure out a way I could connect to my mom. I’m now really working on managing my mind before I have interaction with my mom. It’s working! I think the coaching was very helpful. Plus, I love Risa’s accent!” 

– Bobbie R

“Risa is a brilliant and creative coach. If you want transformation and are willing to go deep, I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

– Michele D