Empowering solopreneurs to set themselves up for success

Hi! I’m Risa

I’m Risa Haasbroek.

I help driven online solopreneurs succeed by figuring out what they should do more of in their business.

And what they should stop doing.

You’re a solopreneur who has too much to do in your business
You don’t know where to start. So, you try doing everything at once.
Or you end up doing nothing.
At the end of each day you’re exhausted, realizing how little you accomplished.
Once again you feel as if you’re just wallowing in your own frustration and despair.
You wake up at night, your heart racing, telling yourself perhaps you’re just not cut out to be a solopreneur.

If only you could penetrate the haze of doubt and find the path to a sustainable, successful business.

If only you knew exactly which tasks should be on your to do list for the next day. The ones with extreme impact.

Meet The Thinking Partner for solopreneurs who want to get off the treadmill of fruitless activities…

Stop distracting yourself with tasks just to feel busy.

Start collaborating with a coach who asks the right questions so that you can pick the few crucial things you need to do every day.

And then …

Go do them, knowing they are the ones that’ll move the needle in your business.

Go from floundering procrastinator to assertive action-taker

No more stagnation and paralysis. No more important items falling through the cracks.

Make great strides by knowing exactly what’s the most effective things to do in your business at every stage.

Never will you ever  *NOT*  know what to do next in your business

Master the skill of confidently picking and sticking to the best three tasks at a time. Feel the power of focus.

Learn to deeply trust your own decisions. Stop overthinking each decision, which just delays work or stops you in your tracks.

The selfie is of Alex Mont-Ros and me at “Funnel Hacking Live” in 2021. Alex is a serial entrepreneur who started and sold several businesses. He is also a former Fortune 500 leader. Currently, he is an executive coach in Arizona.

“Risa pinpointed to that one thing …”

Risa was able to help me pinpoint exactly what was that one thing I needed to do and focus on that high-priority action that needed to be addressed so that I could move forward. That really helped me build clarity and crystallize my ideas in a way that I was able to execute better on.

Her approach is very strategic. She helped me think differently on what I should be focused on versus some things that were a distraction.

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When I started my first online business selling courses, I soon found myself working 60 hours a week and making very little money

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I thought it was all about the technical skills of how to build and present online courses.

And about the marketing know-how to get people to buy my products.

It was only after I added a third leg to business building that I went from working only 6 hours a week in my business AND doubling my income at the same time.

For the last three years, I used this same “third leg” to yearly triple my income as a coach.

What’s this mysterious third leg? 

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You’re not a tree. You don’t have to stay stuck.

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Using my own experience and knowledge as well as extensively coaching other solopreneurs just like you, I came up with a 3-point framework plan to let overwhelm evaporate from your day to day.

I’ll be the catalyst for change for you

My 10-weeks-program

“So Long, Overwhelm”

works like this:

Learn the skill to get yourself out of flight, fight, or freeze quickly

Intentionally create beliefs that fuel your dreams.

Problem-solve and then take action from your new powerful beliefs. 

I help you get your business going quickly but the difference is you don’t hustle and grind and overwork yourself

In my one-on-one coaching program, I’ll show you how to focus on what really matters.

And to forget about the rest.

You won’t be doing random tasks; together we’ll identify the ones that will move the needle most in your business.

Simon Striker, co-owner and marketing manager of E-com Boss, Slovenia

No more imposter syndrome

“If you want to succeed in any business, they say 95% of success is in mindset and only 5% is skillset. Risa showed me how this is true because she helped me to believe in myself.

“Before I met Risa, I didn’t have the success yet that I wanted to have. I was everywhere. I wanted to try everything. I had shiny object syndrome, I had imposter syndrome … everything you can imagine.

“The uniqueness of Risa’s approach is that she knows immediately which question she needs to ask you in order to make the next step in your journey, where I had my roadblocks and what we needed to work on.

“If you think of coaching with Risa, don’t think, just do it. She will show you how to progress much faster.”

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Lyn Hopkins, story coach, editor & writer, maryland, usa

“I’ve become purposeful, motivated and encouraged”

“Risa has had a profound impact on my life. Instead of the treadmill of random, sometimes meaningless and frustrating activity, I have become purposeful, motivated and encouraged. She has helped me order my life and achieve my goals, big and small. Her wise, understanding and honest approach has truly given me a ‘makeover’ on many levels.”

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When you don’t get the results you want in your business, don’t get the sales you hoped for, or get the clients you’ve dreamed of, you can fall into an abyss of emotions like overwhelm, confusion, and self-doubt.

As a solopreneur, you want to understand WHY this is happening.

But more importantly HOW to change that. So that you can boost yourself right out of that destructive loop.

That is exactly what “The Solopreneur’s Survival Guide” will show you how to do.

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Maxi Heppel, marketing expert and coach

“A great coach for anyone who feels stuck”

“Risa’s easy way of assisting you in coming to the root of the problem is non-threatening and kind. I would recommend Risa as a coach to anyone who feels stuck and want to pursue their ultimate purpose. She was such a wonderful coach and mentor!”

During the more than 500 coaching sessions I conducted in the mastermind of a huge software and business coaching company during 2022, I saw entrepreneurs’ faces lit up again and again as I helped them to cut through the clutter and get unstuck.

Sessions last only 45 minutes. Perfect for an overworked solopreneur like you. For most of the time you want to be out there in the real-world taking action, not spending hours talking. And we meet weekly – the perfect time frame for you to recalibrate your mind.

Your tailor-made program runs for 10 weeks. Getting yourself out of overwhelm is a skillset you want to learn and master. And then use again and again in your business. My goal is to empower you to learn to trust yourself, not make you dependent on a coach.

Elizabeth Cooper, Artist, Canada

“Risa helps you figure things out for yourself”

“Risa is such a great coach. I really think it’s important to figure out what you want and then have a plan for getting there and Risa is so good at helping you figure that out. Not telling you what those things are but helping you figure them out for yourself.

You have brilliance within you. The power to do something truly great. You just need a little help to go from good to remarkable. Faster.

If you’re looking for a coach who will meet you right where you are and then help you find your customized way out of the fog of confusion …

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