How to get a frown-free life without Botox

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The other day I heard of a woman who uses Botox to smooth out a harsh frown between her brows. Nothing unusual about that, but rather vain, is perhaps what you’re thinking.

But this woman Botoxes the frown away for a very interesting reason.

Her mom had a frown like that, and she copied her mother’s expression and developed the exact same frown. When her own son was very young, she noticed he started frowning too.

She then decided to start using Botox, because she didn’t want her children to mimic her. And now, so she claims, her kids don’t frown.

Perhaps you’re thinking of seeking help with your relationship with your mother because you see her in yourself. It shocks you when you realize you interact with your children in the same way she did with you.

And yes, like that little boy trying to pull his face just like his mother’s, it feels as if you’re unconsciously copying her.

Is her shadow more subtle?

Or maybe the shadow your mother is throwing over your life is more subtle. You:

  • people-please all the time
  • are just so tired
  • are unsure of yourself and you know that’s why you don’t live up to your full potential
  • try to eat yourself happier
  • drink too much alcohol to help you cope
  • need pills all the time

Imagine if you could say no to people and not feel guilty? If you had the energy and self-confidence to go after your dreams? If you didn’t need food or alcohol to deal with your mother and life in general?

And of course, if you could be loving and peaceful around her, living with true Christian integrity because your feelings and actions towards her fully align?

Imagine …

Let’s smooth out the mental wrinkles

Life coaching can help you to smooth out all these mental wrinkles.

In our sessions together, I’ll show you how your own thinking shapes your relationship with your mother. Becoming aware of your thoughts can be very revealing and help you make sense of what’s going on.

For instance, as adult daughters, we often still rely on our mother’s love, approval and validation to make us feel good about ourselves. Sometimes without realizing it!

But imagine the freedom and the power when, with the Lord’s help, you know how to take care of your own emotional needs.

That’s just where we’d start to get you to a frown-free relationship with your mother, yourself, your own children and all your other relationships.

These tools come straight out of the Bible

The tools life coaching uses are mentioned again and again in the Bible, such as here:

“For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7.

Interestingly enough, these insights are validated more and more as modern science discover exactly how the human brain works.

Let’s replace that frown on your face with a heartfelt smile. Start living with joy and ease. Without using Botox.

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