Ep 3: How I went from working 60 hours to only 6 hours per week

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I started my business for one reason only… 


In this episode I’ll share with you why I wanted the money so badly. I want to tell how I became a solopreneur. But I want this story to be valuable to you in your own journey to building a business.  

So, think of this episode as a kind of treasure hunt. Throughout my story I’ll pause and draw your attention to a tip or an insight I wish someone told me in my early entrepreneur days. That way I’m helping you build your business faster and with less stress than I did. 


So, are you where you want to be in your business? 

Does the sentence, “I should have been further along,” echo through your mind? 

And the most painful part is that most of your peers are leaving you behind, right? 

In your heart you know you’re at least as capable as them. Sometimes you even admit to yourself your ideas are better than the ones crushing it. 

And yet you’re not getting the sales you want, not attracting the clients you dream of, not building the audience you envisioned you would have had by now. 

Are you brave enough to stare into the abyss of your own psyche and find out what’s holding you back? 

Book a free discovery call with me and find out how to: 

  • get rid of your fears that’s contaminating the actions you take in your business
  • kick out your insecurities that seep into the way you show up
  • cure yourself from your own blindness to the resources you already have. That blindness is costing you big time 

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