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I want to invite you to a free coaching session with me

Is it worth gambling an hour of your time just to check this out? 

The call is done over the telephone. It’s just like two friends talking to each other.
You just pick a time slot. I will call you on the day and time you have chosen.
this call will:
  • show you what you are really thinking about your mother and about yourself.
  • show you you can learn to override the part of your brain that is making you so unhappy.
  • give you a free taste of life coaching without any commitment from you.

What you will get out of this free coaching call

60 minutes ...

of a certified life coach’s undivided attention on you and your problems with your mother.

At least one tool ...

you can implement straight away on your own in a free workbook

A better understanding

of what life coaching is and if it can work for you.