Fly me to the moon

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In 1972 Eugene Cernan wrote three letters in the dust on the moon: TDC.

It’s the initials of his daughter Tracy. She was nine years old when her dad became the last human to walk on the moon.

Eugene died in 2017, but the little souvenir he left for Tracy will probably last for another 50 000 years.

Do you know what lasts even longer than those initials in the lunar dust? God’s love for you. Your basic worthiness as a human and your lovability is untouchable, unquestionable. It rests with God and not with you.

Just like Eugene Cernan wanted to show his daughter how much he loves her by writing her name in the dust on the Moon, God tells us: “I have engraved you on the palms of my hands.” (Isaiah 49:16).

Just for a minute let it sink in how loved you are. Your initials are not written on the Moon, your whole name is also written in the Book of Live (Revelation 3:5).

What do you believe about yourself?

Yes, even the things your mother told you years and years ago:

  • You’re bad
  • You’re not good enough
  • Nobody will ever love you
  • No one likes you
  • You’re selfish

Think of these thoughts in the light of those letters in the sand that will last 50 000 years. Think of them the way God thinks of them.

And then …

Let these beliefs wither! Let them fade!

They belie the eternal truth that you are precious and special.

Rest for days, weeks (months if you need to) in the knowledge how loved you truly are.

And now let’s turn our gaze to the moon again.

What color is the far side of the moon?

Now, the dark side of the moon is not the same as the far side of the moon.

  • The far side is the part that always faces away from Earth, because our two orbits are locked in sync.
  • The dark side is the one that’s currently getting no light from the Sun.

Often the far side is brilliantly lit by the Sun. We just can’t see it.

But when the dark side of the Moon faces towards us, reflected light from Earth faintly lit it.

And this light, called Earthshine, is a bluey-green color. The earth’s light turns the moon a lovely turquoise.

What is Earthshine?

You can see Earthshine best a few days before and after a New Moon, right after sunset or before sunrise.

Use this beautiful picture to help you get to the next more difficult step in your recovery.

From the place of knowing how loved you are by God, do you think you can love your mother? Can you spread some Earthshine, or some of God’s reflected love, on her?

Perhaps you think she doesn’t deserve your love. If you loved her, aren’t you somehow condoning all the horrible things she did and said?

Ask yourself: if God loves you unconditionally, is He condoning all the wrongs you’ve done? Of course not.

So, take your time. But work slowly, carefully towards unlocking the love for your mother.

Because choosing to feel love for her will free you.

It will also grow your capacity to trust God and his infinite love for you more.

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