Ep 5: How to elevate your lifestyle

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In this week’s podcast episode, I talk to Alesia Lukashova, and she shares how at some level, she believed that life had so much available for her, but somehow she settled for so little. 


Can you relate? Are you settling for less than what you are capable of? 


Do you feel like the dreams in your heart are calling you to step out, yet you are so afraid to take the risk? 


If so, you have to listen to this week’s podcast episode. 


We also talk about Alesia’s event, where ten experts (including myself) will reveal our best life-transforming strategies to stop holding yourself back to unleash your full potential.


We’ll also share with you many free giveaways! You don’t want to miss it.


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By attending Elevate Your Lifestyle, you will receive an exact roadmap to stop holding yourself back and live the life you always wanted. 


Let’s make 2023 your year! The year when you let go of limitations, regret, and fear. And in that place, you gain Unshakable Courage to go after the life you always dreamed of!


Event Details:


·       When: February 18

·       Time: 12 pm EST – 6:30 pm EST

·       (My turn comes at 1 pm EST)

·       Where: Zoom Virtual Event

Yes, I want to feel better immediately