Ep 25: Breakthrough moments with Miguel Lebron

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In this insightful podcast episode, Miguel shares his personal journey and how it shaped his perspective on life, relationships, and personal growth. From his absent father to finding a mentor who became a father figure, Miguel’s experiences have led him to become a personal growth strategist and entrepreneur.




Overcoming Childhood Challenges: Miguel opens up about his father’s absence and its impact on his childhood. Despite the confusion caused by a father who was rarely present and a stepfather who showed love but didn’t express it verbally, Miguel found a way to navigate through these complexities.


The Power of Mentors: At the age of 15, Miguel encountered an individual who became a mentor and father figure. This person not only taught him valuable life lessons but also instilled in him the desire to be the best version of himself and help others achieve their own breakthrough moments.


Strategy and Self-Awareness: As a personal growth strategist, Miguel emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and understanding where you are on your journey. He discusses how clients often struggle with executing their goals without a clear understanding of their current position. Miguel’s definition of strategy as “a defined number of steps to help you obtain a breakthrough moment” provides a practical framework for personal growth.


Throughout the episode, Miguel also delves into managing a busy life, being strategic in relationships, and the significance of gratitude in his journey. He shares anecdotes about his role as a husband and father, offering valuable insights into balancing personal and professional commitments.


Join Miguel as he provides actionable advice, relatable stories, and thought-provoking perspectives on understanding where you are in your journey and achieving personal growth.

Find out more about Miguel at miguellebron.com


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