Ep 22: His biggest fail lead to his biggest success: Ryan’s Rise

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Welcome to another thrilling episode of What About the Dragon, where we explore stories of resilience, learning, and growth in the face of apparent failure. In this enlightening episode, we dive deep into the journey of Ryan Sullivan, an initially struggling mechanic who took an unexpected leap of faith into the world of podcasting, transforming his failures into his ultimate success. 

Ryan’s story takes us through an exploration of the ins and outs of self-discovery, the importance of being realistic and authentic in business, and how a failure can indeed be the steppingstone towards the success we are meant to have.

 Episode Highlights:

 1. Taking a Risk for Change: Ryan’s story shines a spotlight on the importance of taking calculated risks. Being stuck in a job he didn’t enjoy, Ryan made the bold move to shift careers, stepping into podcast production and ultimately running his own successful business. It serves as a reminder that sometimes a single risk can change the trajectory of your life. 

2. Transitioning from an Employee to an Entrepreneur: This episode captures Ryan’s transformation from an hourly mechanic to a successful entrepreneur, earning a fulfilling income while doing what he loves. Ryan’s journey showcases the power of having the right mindset when making significant life changes. 

3. The Power of Authenticity: Ryan strongly emphasizes the importance of authenticity in business. He believes in being a straight shooter, even when it might be controversial, which has led to him building trust with his audience and clients. This approach has been instrumental in his success, highlighting the value of honesty in business. 

Join us as we unravel the inspiring story of Ryan Sullivan, who has leveraged his supposed ‘epic fails’ to build a prosperous career in podcasting. Listen to his advice on starting something new, understanding the power of taking a risk, and, most importantly, the vitality of being true to who you are in business and life. 

Connect with Ryan:

You can connect with Ryan on LinkedIn at Ryan R Sullivan or visit his website, podcastprinciples.com, for more information on how to launch your own podcast.


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