Ep 20: Goal-Setting like a Champion: Insights from Rocky to Entrepreneurs

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Join me on this captivating podcast episode as we channel the spirit of Rocky I and explore how founders and CEOs can achieve their audacious goals. From President Kennedy’s moon landing challenge to Rocky’s legendary fight, we reveal powerful insights for success. 

Discover the secrets to setting realistic goals, including the Power of Micro-Goals. Break down your big aspirations into bite-sized milestones, celebrating each victory along the way. Embrace the Goldilocks Rule, finding the perfect balance between challenging and attainable goals.

 Adaptability is key! Learn how to roll with the punches, adjust your goals, and stay flexible. Embrace a Growth Mindset, focus on solutions, and seek feedback to thrive in a changing business landscape. 

Lastly, savor the journey. Focus on the process, relish small victories, and find joy in personal growth. By unleashing your inner Rocky, you’ll overcome obstacles and emerge stronger than ever. 

Get ready to punch through barriers and achieve greatness! 

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