I’ll do it myself, thank you

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I want to tell you the story of the world’s first workable dishwasher.

It was developed by a woman.

Isn’t that cool?

Her name was Josephine Garis Cochran of Illinois.

She was a socialite, who liked to give huge dinner parties.

When her servants had to wash up at night, they often damaged her precious china. This irritated her tremendously.

One evening, when a servant once again chipped a precious porcelain heirloom, she was so annoyed she declared:

“I’ll do it myself!”

Then she discovered it’s not so easy to do the dishes without cracking and chipping them.

So, Josephine vowed to invent a machine that can clean the china without damaging it. She wanted to make life easier for housewives.

First person to think of this

In her backyard she began work on her machine. She was the first person to think to use water pressure instead of scrubbers to clean the china.

Although she worked on a small pedal-powered version, that version was never really successful.

No, it was her larger steam-powered dishwasher that wowed people.

And no wonder, Josephine’s dishwasher could wash and dry 200 pieces of china in two minutes.

It was a sensation at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago. In the same year, people’s mouths also hung open about the world’s first Ferris wheel.

Josephine’s dishwashing machine was too expensive for home use and was more suited to restaurants and hotels. She sold enough of them to keep Cochran’s Crescent Washing Machine Company profitable for nearly 20 years. She died in 1913.

How Josephine inspires me, apart from making my life easier with her invention

Every day I make myself write down a few truths about life.

You see, I’m rewiring my brain to believe new things that will serve me better.

One of them is: I take 100% responsibility for my life.

Like Josephine, I’m determined to say: “I’ll do it myself.”

  • Love myself.
  • Accept myself.
  • Forgive myself.

Like Josephine I discovered: Oh, it’s not so easy to do that.

For so long, I wanted my mother to love me in the perfect way. I thought that was her job.

But then I realized: I shouldn’t expect other people to do things I find hard to do. I must find ways to do it myself first.

Just like Josephine’s dishwasher at the World Fair in Chicago I found life coaching to be a show-stopper.

How much easier life coaching is making my life

It was amazing how much easier life coaching tools made it for me to start loving, accepting and forgiving myself more. 

And then have the ability to love others in the same way.

No more chips and cracks on my self-confidence, thank you. Or in my relationships.

Life really begins to fall into place once you tell yourself: I’ll do it myself.

And then, when you don’t give up once you discover it’s not so easy and keep going, you’ll be astonished at what you can accomplish.

Wanna give life coaching a go and see for yourself how amazing your life and your relationships can be? 

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