Ep 9: “Do it afraid”

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The latest episode of Smart Strategies for the Successful Solopreneur is a real treat! This week, I sat down with none other than Somer Colbert, a writer, speaker, and podcast host who always shows up with a hot cup of tea in hand. 

In this episode, we ask Somer some tough questions, like: 

Question #1: How does she keep a smile on her face while juggling all the balls in the air? (Or maybe it’s just all the tea she’s drinking?)

Question #2: Can she simultaneously share her secret to being a human, a mom, and a successful entrepreneur? (We want to know!)

Question #3: Is promoting a grocery delivery service on Instagram worth it? (Somer’s answer might surprise you!)

Question #4: What’s the key to delivering a great speech? (Somer’s got some tips that are worth their weight in gold! “Do it afraid” is only one of them.)

 This episode is not only informative but also much fun. So, if you want to hear from a successful and dynamic individual, give it a. 

You can connect with Somer on Instagram @somercolbert, at somercolbert.com, and check out her “Love Where You Are” podcast on your favorite listening platform! 

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