Hi, I'm Risa

The “Get Out Of That Funk” Recording:

Your FREE quick fix to calm

Without pills. Without a ton of efforting.

Think a short audio file can’t make you feel so much better so quickly? You'd be surprised ...

The Get Out Of That Funk Recording:

• Is like getting a voice note from your best friend talking you off the ledge

• Works instantly even though it’s only 5 minutes long 

• Has an unexpected shift that’s going to delight you. (Listen for it at the 3:30-minute mark)

• Has lifecoach, Risa Haasbroek talking you through your overwhelming emotions while revealing to you a skill you had all along you just didn’t realize you had it

• “Risa’s soothing voice in this recording calms me down immediately.” — Susan W

Easy does it

Every time after you’ve listened to it, you’ll feel happier, calmer & more in control

And because you won’t feel so swamped, you’ll have the energy to go after your big dreams.

Don’t be surprised when people start commenting that you seem lighter about life.

No hard feelings

WARNING: If you download this recording, get ready to spend a lot of time forwarding it to your friends!

“This recording is so good I immediately had to share it with my friend. And she loved it too.” Janie P.

“The recording calmed me down at once. Then I shared it with my colleague, and it had the same effect on her.” – Chrissy T.