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Oh no, I did it again

A life coach doesn’t tell people what to do. Yet, recently, I did that with my mom. But because I had the right tools, I could put things right again.

Fly me to the moon

This astronaut wanted to show his daughter how much he loves her by writing her name in the dust on the Moon.Where do you look to know how loved you are?

Hell? Definitely other people!

Jean-Paul Sartre found out why hell is other people when his book was published. Hell indeed becomes other people when we expect them to make us happy.

I’ll do it myself, thank you

I want to tell you the story of the world’s first dishwasher. It was developed by a woman. Her invention makes my life easier; her story inspires me.

How does it feel to get coached hard

Recently I got coached hard. It’s amazing experience when someone holds up your thoughts to the light and you can the cracks in your thinking.