My name is Risa and this is my story …

The short version

I’m a successful serial entrepreneur

I’m also The Dragon Whisperer.

I coach founders &CEO’s on how tame, train & fly their inner dragon

The jucier version

I started my first online business for one reason only ... money

I wanted to make enough money to afford to live in the same country as my children.

My husband and I emigrated from South Africa to the US to give our two then teenagers a better future. However, we soon realized there was no way our funds would be enough to retire in the US.

Our hearts were breaking because we could see ourselves eventually returning to South Africa while our children stayed behind, living almost 10,000 miles from us.

That's when I decided to take the leap

I started selling online courses. But it wasn’t as easy as I had hoped. Like many solopreneurs, I soon worked 60 hours a week and made very little money. I always felt a heaviness in my stomach and was too stressed to sleep well.

“I’m not cut out for this,” I told myself.

I was ready to give up, and I could see myself never hugging my children on their birthdays or hardly ever spending Christmas together.

But then, one day, I listened to a podcast interview with a life coach, who explained that she was making millions while working only three days a week.

I started following her and applying what she was teaching, one by one discarding the tasks in my business that led nowhere.

I doubled my income by working smarter not harder

After a few months, I went from working 60 hours to working only 6 hours a week in my business while doubling my income.

My mind was blown once I discovered that the way to make a business successful was to manage my mind and emotions, in other words, to tame, train and fly my innter dragon more than anything else.

After I taught myself to work more effectively, I had a new vision. I wanted to be a life coach, showing other struggling solopreneurs how to do what I’ve done.

That’s when I got certified as a life coach. And that first online business of mine? It paid for the expensive coach training.

As a coach I tripled my income yearly

In 2022, I coached entrepreneurs in the mastermind of the owner of a vast software and business coaching company. As a result, I honed my coaching skills.

In the more than 500 sessions I did there, I could see these entrepreneurs’ faces light up as they realized they had it in them to calm their brains down, pick themselves up, and keep going.

I’ve been a coach for three years and have figured out how to triple my income yearly. I’m making my dream of living in the same country as my children come true.

Why you'll want to work with me

My clients have seen significant results working with me.

  • Some made a lot more money. 
  • Others started making their first money as business owners
  • All of them have learned how to work with their inner dragon instead of fighting it. And so they rave about the crystal-clear clarity they have since coaching with me.

Here’s what some of them have to say about working with me:

“Anybody who wants to bring their business to the next level needs Risa”

“When you have absolutely drained your self-confidence, Risa is like that person next to you holding your hand, giving you a hundred percent confidence, support, and guidance. Even though I am a business coach myself, you would always need someone outside your box telling you there is no box at all. So, the best part of being coached by Risa is that she’s always there reminding me gently that my only limitation is my own brain. And I am on top of it. And I can control it. This is such a beautiful and powerful thing to know.

— Yao Yao, entrepreneur, software developer, and influencer, Brisbane, Australia

“Risa is the best as just getting you in the right mindset”

“I was originally reaching out to Risa because I needed some help with my mindset. I was living this crazy, frantic life. I didn’t know the tools that I needed to overcome this. Even though my calendar is absolutely slammed, I decided to make the investment to get a coach. Risa’s charisma is something that helped me out. Out of all the coaches I’ve worked with, and I’ve spent far more than a hundred thousand dollars on coaching and consulting, Risa is the best at just getting you in the right mindset.”

— Hunter Thompson, managing principal of a private equity company and successful coaching business owner, California

“I would recommend Risa as a coach to EVERYONE”

“I would recommend Risa as a coach to EVERYONE. Anyone who needs some help figuring out where they’re going, where they’ve been, how their journey has led them there, and what lesson they could learn from their hardship. It’s important to figure out what you want and then have a plan for getting there. And Risa is so good at helping you figure that out. Not telling you what those things are, but helping you figure them out for yourself, so that they do feel authentic and true and good.”

— Elizabeth Cooper, artist, Canada

“She saw specialness in me that catapulted me into success”

“Before I met Risa, I was interested in being an entrepreneur, but I lacked that self-confidence. Working with her was one of the secret ingredients that got us to where we are now in our business. She’s what saw the specialness in me that catapulted me into success in my business. If you’re considering working with Risa, you’re in for a treat. She builds trust with you. She brings energy to every session. And you get her full attention. She connects on so many levels.” 

— Shawna Stevenson: owner of Smash Your Day, Texas, USA

“Risa was my speedbump for the day— she helped me slow down"

“Going at a hundred miles an hour, Risa was my speedbump for the day. It was good that I needed to slow down, think through some things, and then continue to press on. If you’re looking for someone to really drill down and extract the gold that is in you, Risa is the person that can make that happen. She is kind, but her approach is very strategic.”

— Alex Mon-Ros, serial entrepreneur & executive coach, Arizona, USA

“If you're thinking of coaching with Risa, just do it!”

“Before I met Risa, I had shiny object syndrome and imposter syndrome … everything you can imagine. Risa knows immediately which question she needs to ask you in order to take the next step in your journey, where your roadblocks are, and what you need to work on. If you think of coaching with Risa, don’t think; just do it. She will show you how to progress much faster.”

— Simon Striker, e-commerce entrepreneur, Slovenia

“Risa had a profound impact on my life”

“Risa has had a profound impact on my life. Instead of the treadmill of random, sometimes meaningless, and frustrating activity, I have become purposeful, motivated, and encouraged. She has helped me order my life and achieve my goals, big and small. She has helped me revolutionize my comfort level with who I am. Her wise, understanding, and honest approach has truly given me a “makeover” on many levels.”

— Lyn Hopkins, Story Coach, Maryland