I want to inspire Christian women like you to nurture your emotional well-being

Why do I want to encourage you to take better care of your emotional life?

Because then you become so much better equipped to love and serve God and your neighbors with heart, soul and mind.

This is how I go about it ...

I use cognitive psychology-based techniques + insights from the Word of God.

My coaching draws a lot of inspiration from 2 Corinthians 10:5 “…we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”

This is my job as your coach

Ultimately, my job is to show yourself to you.

Especially the things about yourself you’re unable to see from your own vantage point. What is the saying again about a bottle that can’t read its own label?

That’s why is so much faster if you use a life coach to do this vital work on yourself.

This is my story

I had an awful relationship with my mom

I hated talking to her.

I hated seeing her.

I resented any attention or support I was obliged to give to her.

Why couldn’t she just take care of herself? She was soooo needy.

These thoughts and feelings made me feel like such a bad person.

Trying to guilt myself into loving her more didn’t work.

Why couldn’t I love my mom? What was wrong with me?

I wanted to be free to fulfill my own dreams, but if she wasn’t happy, I didn’t deserve to be happy, is what I told myself.

I even moved 8000 miles away, hoping to get away from her. 

That didn’t work either. She was still in my head.

Then something happened ...

The more I immersed myself in the work, the more it made sense.

I really am not responsible for other people’s feelings.

When I let go of the expectations I have of others life becomes so much better.

I discovered this amazing podcast and binge-listened it.

At first, I couldn’t wrap my mind around some of the things being taught.

Then I began to see how I was creating the relationship with my mom by the way I was thinking about her.

It took a few months, but the resentment slowly evaporated.

And the biggest surprise?

Once I changed my mother started to change too.

In a sense she became my very first coaching client. I was very satisfying to see her transform too.

Detoxing the relationship with my mother was just the beginning

I always felt I wasn’t living up to my potential.

And no wonder, I was forever hiding, careful not to let other people see what a bad person I was.

By resetting my relationship with my mom, I could reboot my whole life.

I now have so much more confidence and love and joy.

Because I was so delighted by my own transformation and wanted to share this better way with the whole world, I became a certified life coach.

It is wonderful to see how my clients are stretching themselves to get the lives they truly want after they have detoxed their relationship with their mom.  

Now I really enjoy talking to my mother.

I being an example of what is possible inspired my mother to change her life too.

She thanks me every week for the relief  and unconditional love I’m giving to her.

Yes, you can repair your relationship with your mother.

And more important, you can restore the relationship with yourself.

You can feel better. Today. If you want to.

What is possible for you?

Cleaning up this vital relationship will allow you to interact with your mother with more integrity – you won’t feel like a hypocrite all of the time.

But restoring your relationship with your mother will do so much more for you.

It will free up mental and emotional energy you can use to become the person your truly want to be.

And, what’s more, once you’ve learned to handle your relationship with your mother better, you can apply the skill to other relationships as well.

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Don't take my word for it ...
Stephanie L
Stephanie L
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When Risa started coaching me, I was hopeful to get to a better relationship with my mom. Through coaching I have gained insight into a whole new way of approaching the world! I benefitted so much when Risa shared specific examples of how she has applied coaching principles in her own life. Coaching has been so helpful! I find that I am applying the principles I have learned more and more and use them whenever I have negative emotions about people or circumstances.
Bobbie R
Bobbie R
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When I contacted Risa, I felt depressed about my relationship with my mom. I was hoping to figure out a way I could connect to my mom. Risa asked great questions during coaching which helped me see that things that happened 25 years ago may have shaped some of my views about my mom. This was very significant. I’m now really working on managing my mind before I have interaction with my mom. It’s working! I think the coaching was very helpful. Plus, I love Risa’s accent!
Pamela M
Pamela M
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Thank you Risa for your coaching! I didn’t realize the blind spots I had until we started coaching. You’ve definitely improved my life and I am forever grateful.​​